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AMIRA BASMATI RICE GMBH EUR was established in 1988 with the aim of producing rice products which are not mass-produced and which are high quality, natural and affordable.

This is still the goal for the family firm’s extensive range of products almost 25 years later. Its brands, ATRY, Scheherazade, Sultan and Sativa, combine the best of two worlds: the traditional, Asian rice cultivation methods for the best, natural quality rice and thorough rice refining processes in Germany which ensure the best polish. Thus, Scheherazade, Sultan and Sativa provide the finest, aromatic basmati and jasmine rice. Basmati Rice’s most famous brand, ATRY, also sells smoked, long-grain, brown, sushi and wild rice. The brand’s motto 'Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want anything else!' is well deserved.

Whoever tastes Basmati Rice’s products, never again tries anything else. This explains the success of the small, select rice supplier, which is now one of the leading European importers of high-quality rice, particularly of Basmati and Jasmine Rice.